If you’ve got a heart for kids and families,

we have a job for you!  

We would love to have you volunteer your time or talent and help us with our mission!!

Finding the right fit for you may not be as difficult as you think.  Just look through the list of things we need help with and see what sticks out to you.  Then stop by, give us a call, or sign up on line with our volunteer form and we can get you plugged in.

Here’s a list of things we could use some help with.

  • cut out art and craft projects
  • help design and put up bulletin boards
  • pick up books at the library
  • organize books in our library at the preschool
  • wash toys
  • sweep and mop floors
  • wash laundry
  • clean paint brushes and keep paint containers filled
  • shop for snacks
  • plan a field trip
  • organize a fundraiser with parent help
  • provide a service, or do repair (If you have a service business and you would be willing to offer a reduced rate for something we might need, let us know. All contributions in kind are tax deductible.)
  • Help in the classroom (requires a background check and may require some training)
  • Office work (update webpage, filing, making copies, book keeping)

Most of these things can be done in 15 – 20 min., but doing all of them myself or the staff, adds to the operating costs, and takes time away from curriculum planning.  Classroom time or Office work (or any time where you are here on a regular basis with kids present) requires a background check and, in some cases, a bit of training.  But don’t let that scare you away.  You can get started right away with some printed information and then schedule additional training.  For the background check all we need is a completed authorization form.  It will cost $20.