Enrollment Forms


I prefer that you download and print a hard copy of the enrollment form It is actually more user friendly than the online enrollment process. You can download the hardcopy form here.  There is only one three page form.

But, if you don’t have access to a printer, you can enroll on line.

To enroll online there are two parts to the student enrollment process.

Part 1: The basic enrollment info with name, phone, etc.

Part 2: an emergency medical care and photo consent form. Just click the links to get started.  Please don’t forget to do part 2.  (And I don’t know why, but often people report that they completed part 2, but I didn’t get it.  So, make sure you hit the SUBMIT button.)

Part 1: Click here Basic Enrollment

Part 2: Click here for Medical Release and Photo Consent Form

New Student Supply List:                                                                                          Most of these items the students share, so do not label them unless it is specified to do so.

  • 1 box of jumbo size glue sticks
  • 1 box of 8 colors Crayola washable markers
  • 1 box jumbo crayons (optional)
  • 1 jumbo pencil
  • 1 box Kleenex
  • 1 bottle foaming hand sanitizer
  • 1 bottle foaming hand soap (dollar store brand is fine)
  • 1 four pack toilet paper
  • 1 pack dry erase markers (multi color and NOT dollar store brand, please)
  • 1 gallon size zip lock bag (labeled) for an extra set of clothes
  • 1 manilla “file folder” (not large envelope) (labeled)
  • 2 regular size envelopes for your payments (labeled)

Enrollment is open!

Enroll NOW then give me a call to set up the days you want to come, or enroll NOW and I’ll contact you when I receive the confirmation email. This may take a few days.  If you don’t hear from me within a few days, call or text me and let me know you have enrolled.  Sometimes I forget to check my mail.  If you are wanting your child to start right away, you must contact me, Kate Longacre, by phone to confirm we have a slot available.  406-249-4150.

No immunization requirement to enroll.

We are accepting children 3 – 5-years-old at this time.

Why Preschool is Important Today:
Studies show that young minds are able to develop new habits with relative ease, but, if they are not given a rich environment with opportunities to explore, create and experiment during the critical early  years before age 6, they may never reach their full developmental potential. [This is huge! – it means if he doesn’t get what he needs for his brain to develop before he’s 6, he may never catch up. See this link for the complete study: THE HECKMAN STUDY According to the study, “Families play a powerful role in shaping adult outcomes.” Therefore, children who have a wide variety of learning experiences through both free play and directed play optimize their cognitive development for higher education and successful adult outcomes.

Don’t be put off by enrolling. Enrolling does not obligate you to come if things change.  Whether you want full time care or just drop off once in a while, it’s all the same form. Enrollment is just a label for the form that collects information to keep your child safe while in our care. You only have to do it once.

Click here Basic Enrollment

Click here for Medical Release and Photo Consent Form


Check out my new Online Orientation, it’s only about 15 min. long.  This will answer most of your questions about what to bring, how to handle tuition payments, lunches, drop off and pick up, illness, etc.:  Click here:

Tuition Assistance is available, check out the tuition page.

Check our Family Handbook on the Handbook link for, hours, daily schedule, and curriculum information.  (Most of your questions can be answered by watching the orientation video.)

If you wish to visit our school, stop by anytime we are open. I will do my best to answer all your questions, but keep in mind the student safety and attention comes first. You can also call anytime after hours.