6 Easy Things You Can Do To Support Christian Values & Champion’s Choice Preschool…

1. Pray:

The enemy would like nothing more than to destroy the work God is doing in the lives of these little ones. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”  We could all learn something from them – Pray God would richly bless the staff, the board members, the families and especially these little ones.

2. Visit:

Stop by and visit the school, then tell others what you saw, especially families with young children. We will provide business cards you can pass out to folks with preschool age children when you see them at the grocery store, the park, or anywhere you go. 

3. Follow us on Facebook:

Follow us on Facebook, like and share our posts.  This helps let people know that we are here.  From time to time we have  articles and information about preschool issues or parenting tips that you can pass on or share with others. Not understanding the value of preschool is the #1 obstacle to helping families thrive and make informed decisions to better their child’s future. Find us HERE.

4. In-kind donations:

Purchase supplies that we regularly run out of: paper towels, liquid hand soap, copy paper, printer ink, toilet paper, small paper cups, napkins, small paper plates, snacks, stickers, dry erase markers, sticky notes, ingredients for play dough; flour, salt, food coloring, cream of tarter, cooking oil; AAA & AA batteries, glue sticks, craft items, and kleenex. (check with us to see what size and kind of supplies works best for us, and check below for our wish list.

5. Volunteer:

We can always use someone to help cut out art and craft projects, help design and put up bulletin boards, pick up books at the library, shop for snacks, wash toys, sweep and mop floors, wash laundry, plan a field trip, or organize a fundraiser with parent help. You can also help provide a service, or do repairs. If you have a service business and you would be willing to offer a reduced rate for something we might need, let us know. All contributions in kind are tax deductible.

6. Donate cash:

We are now offering an affordable and unique tuition rate based on a sliding scale fee and the honor system. But, it’s risky. So, until we get well established and can increase enrollment, any donations would be greatly appreciated. All cash donations are tax deductible.

7. Partner:

Partner with us to promote Champion’s Choice at your church!  Talk with your pastor and board (We have provided the information you need here). Appeal to them to commit to giving a monthly donation of $30. If all the churches in the area got on board, this would substantially reduce our overhead expenses and allow us to keep the affordable tuition rate.

Click here to know the answer to the big question,

“Why should you support preschool in the first place?” 

If you want to volunteer or make a donation in kind, Click here to sign up.  This form will help us not duplicate items or have too many helpers doing the same thing.  Thanks so much for your support!!!

Wish List:

Circle time rug

Extended fence to keep the deer out of the play yard

Sand and Water table for indoor

Small smart TV