Tuition Costs – Compare and SAVE!

Compare the average cost of childcare and what we offer with our sliding scale fee.  I’m sure you will find that you will get a lot more, dollar for dollar, as our average hourly rate is $2.70.  Where else can you find quality childcare for under $5.00?



4 Reasons You Will Like Our Tuition Assistance Program at Champion’s Choice

1. The monthly base fee is very affordable.

2.  The SLIDING SCALE FEE lowers tuition on average 45% from the going rate of $5.25 an hour, depending on your income level.

3. The hourly rate is based on your income with our SLIDING SCALE FEE.

4. You don’t have to produce any verifiable income, it’s based on the honor system.   You can view and print the financial worksheet HERE.

Here’s how it works:

Once your child is enrolled (no cost or obligation to enroll) on the first day of attendance, you pay a base fee of $25. per month per child regardless of how many days your child attends, plus an hourly rate based on the Sliding Scale Fee.

To be eligible for the sliding scale fee families are required to complete a simple financial statement that lists all income sources from both wage earners that are married or living as domestic partners.  We will not ask for any documentation or verification of income. This is the honor system.  We will assume you are providing an honest accounting of your income level and ability. This will be reviewed every 3 months and either increase or decrease hourly rate based on this information. You can view and print the financial worksheet HERE.

In addition, four hours of volunteer time per month are required.  In lou of volunteer hours, a payment of $32. a month, or the equivalent in supplies and/or snacks can be made. Volunteer hours can be worked in advance and applied to future months.  A list of volunteer jobs will be available.  A shopping list for supplies and/or snacks is available upon request, as these needs will change from week to week.

If you have not completed your volunteer hours or made the $32. payment or the equivalent in any month your child attends, you will be charged accordingly for the upcoming month.

Because the Sliding Scale Fee already reduces tuition, there are no additional reductions of the base fee or hourly rate for families that enroll more than one child. This also applies to those families who do not qualify for the Sliding Scale Fee  because their income exceeds the limit.

When you decide how many days a week you want your child to attend, you can look at the Sliding Scale Fee Schedule and find how much you pay per hour, per week, or per month.  Then pay that amount.

Your tuition is paid in advance, for the month, along with the base fee, on the first day when you drop your child off. Arrangements must be made in advance, and be approved by the board, on a case-by-case basis if you are unable to pay for the whole month. 

Tuition is due by the 5th of each month to cover the upcoming month.  Any tuition paid after the 5th of each month will incur a $25. late fee, unless you have made other arrangements approved by the director.  It is very important that the school be contacted if you will be late with your payment so that your child does not miss any school.  If your payment has not been received on time, and you have not contacted the school to make other arrangements before the deadline, your student(s) may be denied admittance until the tuition is paid, or other arrangements are made. Refer to The SLIDING SCALE FEE for the amount to pay.


*Tuition for special-needs student will be at the discretion of the Champion’s Choice school board dependent on the need to hire additional staff.

*Rates subject to change.

This tuition schedule has been offered since October, 2015. This arrangement seems to be working, so we will continue the offer at this time. However, we reserve the right to change the policy as needed, or to raise the tuition back to the going rate of $5.25 an hour.

Check our Family Handbook for, hours, daily schedule, and curriculum information.

Sliding Scale Fee Schedule

To enroll click here.  We are accepting children 3 – 5-years-old at this time.

We are very excited to make this offer and look forward to your child joining us at Champion’s Choice!