Here is our 2017-18 school term calendar.  You can see the important dates below.  We loosely follow the Eureka Public school calendar.  With a few exceptions, most notable are first day and last day.  You can view OUR CALENDAR here.

Note:  Family Orientation Thursday August 31- 1 p.m.

  1. September 5, FIRST DAY
  2. May 30, LAST DAY
  3. We are closed on Fridays at this time.
  4. No early outs, since we only go half day anyway.  Holiday breaks are the same.
    1. November 22 – 23, closed Thanksgiving
    2. December 24 – January 4, closed for Christmas
    3. March 4 – March 8, closed for Spring Break
    4. April 22 – Easter Break
    5. May 27, closed for Memorial Day
  5. All PIR days that fall on Monday thru Thursday we are open.