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cumpassThis is where I’m suppose to tell you how to navigate our site.

It’s pretty easy, no fancy bells and whistles.

If you ended up here when you thought you were going to the blog, click here.  You accidentally clicked the website link instead of the blog link.


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The “About Our Staff” page is mostly about me, Kate Longacre, as I’m the founder and director and the only staff member right now, aside from the board.

You can pretty much figure out the link to anything else you might want to know.


One more thing to help with navigation:  Check out the search bar at the bottom of the page.  It’s a pretty awesome feature and will take you right to the text of your search on any page on the entire website.  If you want to know about tuition, or lunches, just type it in.

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For those of you who want the straight scoop on the tuition & enrollment, just keep scrolling.


3 Reasons You Can Afford the New Low Tuition Rate at Champion’s Choice

1. The monthly base fee is very affordable

2. The hourly rate is based on your income with our NEW SLIDING SCALE FEE

3. You don’t have to produce any verifiable income, it’s based on the honor system

Please see the tuition cost page for complete details.


Enrollment  is only a click away!

It is now more streamlined! However, there are two parts to the student enrollment process. The basic enrollment info with name, phone, etc. and a emergency medical care and photo consent form. Just click the links below to get started.

Enroll here NOW!

Don’t be put off by enrolling. Enrolling does not obligate you to coming any additional days or times you want to, whether you want full time care or just drop off once in a while, it’s all the same form. Enrollment is just a label for the form that collects information to keep your child safe while in our care. You only have to do it once.

We are accepting children 3 – 5-years-old at this time.