Financial Assistance

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 Christian organization.

Financial Assistance:

Since we have dropped our license status, families are no longer eligible for the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarships through the Nurturing Center in Kalispell.  You may reach them at 406-756-1414 for more information.

Champion’s Choice does not have a private scholarship program at this time.  For those families needing tuition assistance, that do not qualify for any other program, or choose not to apply, there are a number of fundraisers available to families: fish dinners, bake sales, and the cotton candy booth.  Champion’s Choice will provide the information families need to run these fundraisers, but will not be responsible to organize or participate.  Those families who desire to participating will decide how to split the proceeds.  There will be a small rental fee for any fundraiser using school property.  Please contact the school for any questions.

Alaskan Fish Dinners:

This is something people look forward to if it is done right.  We have local individuals who fish the Alaskan waters and can order the fresh fish for the dinner, and show you how to prepare it so it is mouth watering good.

Cotton Candy Booth:

Champion’s Choice has access to the cotton candy booth you see at the fair and other community events.  It will be available to rent with a minimal fee to families.  There are four traditional events where the booth has a reserved space: Rendezvous/Spring Thing, Rodeo, Fair/The Bull Thing, Fiber Fest.  Depending on the event, it can bring as much as $2000. in revenue for an event.

Other Ideas:

Bake sales, a pizza coupon selling campaigns, and rummage sales, always bring in a bit of cash, with not too much effort.

Make a Difference Campaign:

We will assist you with a letter to present to your local church to “Make a Difference” for those families in their congregation that need child care/preschool financial assistance (help pay tuition costs). The letter will ask them to consider assisting a family that attends Champion’s Choice by making a donation directly to the school for their benefit.

General Donations:

Another way you can help is by sponsoring an individual student’s tuition costs, donate needed supplies for the school year, or we will accept tax-deductible cash contributions to Champion’s Choice general account to help with overhead expenses and other projects.  But we prefer that you sponsor a student. This is the best way to get the most from your contribution.  Families benefit, and at the same time we can meet our budget with revenue from the tuition income.  In any case, if you would like to “Make a Difference” and wish to remain anonymous, you can make a direct deposit to Champion’s Choice for Early Learning’s account at Glacier Bank, or send a check to the school. Indicate it is an anonymous donation, only the secretary/treasurer will know, and send you a receipt.

If you wish to make a donation and have questions, please call us.

If you have used items you think might be useful for us to use in the school, please call before you bring them to the school. There may be certain specifications some items need to meet safety standards in order to be usable in our space and facilities.

Wish List

We need:
• playground equipment that meets Early Childhood requirements of safety.
• upright bag less, dust filtered vacuum, (I have my eye on the kind).
• step stool to change out overhead lights, etc.
• binned shelf for student cubbies

We can always use washable markers.
If you want to help in this manner, please contact the school so we can discuss it and make sure what you have will work for us.